Those Damn Doggies in F

Men of Co. F., 405th Regiment, 102d Division [2nd Brigade]



Formal Photograph of Co. F., 405th Regiment

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Co. F., 405th Regt., 102nd Infantry Division (2nd Battalion) Officers and men.
Top rated NCO's and company officers. Now all deceased.
Identication from left to right.

1. Mster Sgt. Adams, 2. Sgt. N. Matushevsky, 1st Sgt. Platoon. 3. Seven Stripe, Sgt. Pittman (1st Sgt) next to right, 4. 2nd Lt. Walter Fletcher (code name: "Mousey"), 2nd Platoon, 5. 1st Lt. Donald Everson, Co. Executive Officer, 6. Capt. Wm. Peterson, Co. F., CO. 7. Jack Weigand, 4th Platoon, 8. Lt. Huff (known as "birdman" and transferred from Air Force to Infantry. 9. Sgt. Lira from Texas. 10. Sgt. Smith, 4th Platoon.

The other men, Mr. Ed Souder recalls, are not nameable. He recognizes faces. Since the men were marched out to the parade ground, they stand generally by squad and platoon that they belonged to and were assigned to as of that day.

image of NEWUPDATE 16 July 2003! Sgt. James J. Brophy is on the top row, ninth man from left wearing glasses. You can read Sgt. Brophy's story in this section of stories. Information courtesy of Chris Brophy.

image of NEWUPDATE 25 October 2007! S/Sgt.Eugene M. Greenburg is on the top row, eight man from left, standing next to Sgt. James J. Brophy. You can read S/Sgt. Greenburg's story in this section of stories. Information courtesy of Doug Dubin.

Images courtesy of Edward L. Souder.


Honor Roll and Combat Roster

A list of the men who served in Co. F.


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These following symbols were used in this text:

BMC -- Battlefield Commission

DSC -- Distinguished Service Cross

SSM -- Silver Star Medal

BSM -- Bronze Star Medal

PH -- Purple Heart Medal

* -- Oak Leaf Cluster

# -- Indicates KILLED in ACTION or Died of Wounds

Names Shown in BOLD Text Are Men Who Have Stories in This Section

Note: The addresses listed below in the text of this page are the addresses given by the men at the time of entry into the service.

Note: We have taken all necessary action to assure that all of the battlefield deaths reported are accurate as to date and location. We DO make errors. If you have current information and care to share it, we welcome the information.



























Ackerman, Marvin J., Pfc.
Pike, N. Y.


Adams, Thomas V., Pfc.
1251 Broadway, Watervliet, N. Y.


Adkinson, Erskine V., Sgt., SSM
Route 3, Atoka, Tenn.


Albrittan, George M., Pfc.
307 B. St., Thomaston, Ga.


Anglin, Miles H., Pfc.
Route 1, Gassville, Ark.


Arnson, Armond D., Pfc., BSM
3525 Berkley Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio
TAPS: 14 July 1996


Baker, William A., Pfc.
58 Harvard Ave., Gloucester Heights, N. J.


Banse, Robert L., Pfc.
Garrison, Ia.


Beaulac, Bernard L., S/Sgt., SSM
126 State St., Berlin, N. H.


208 Congress St., Bradford, Pa.
Taps: 28 February 1945 -- Near Kothausen, Germany


Bellman, Robert D., Pfc.
373 Kenmore Blvd., Akron, Ohio


Benner, Lawrence F., Pfc.
Omaha, Ill.


Bernaitis, Frank, Pvt.
59 Spring St., Union City, Conn.


Bevento, Thomas, Pfc.
738 West 25th Place, Chicago, Ill.
TAPS: 1952


Bez, Carl H., Pfc.
3038 St. Clair, Detroit, Mich.


Bilyk, Theodore, T/Sgt.
3695 E. 117th St., Cleveland, Ohio
TAPS: 1986


Bischoff, John G., S/Sgt., SSM
323 E. 93rd St., New York, N. Y.
TAPS: 1985


Biggle, Lloyd Jr., Sgt., PH*
6447 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, Ill.


Black, Harold R., Pvt.
La Tuna, Texas


Blake, Harry J., T/5
7243 Clarence Ave., Chicago, Ill.


Blanchard, Miles R., Pfc., PH*
Star Route, East Tawas, Mich.


Blyth, William P., Sgt.
Sutton St., Iselin, N. J.


Blyskal, Michael S., S/Sgt.
259 Second St., Elizabeth, N. J.


Bobbitt, Harold L., Pfc.
N. Renick, West Virginia


Borck, Robert L. Pfc.
1331 N. Oakley Blvd., Chicago, Ill.
TAPS: May 1988


Borowski, Henry Pfc.
59 Chestnut St., Paterson, N. J.


Bradbury, Wayne D., S/Sgt., BSM
2832 E. 10th St., Tulsa, OkIa.


Brenner, Joseph L., Pfc.
53 Pearl St., New Haven, Conn.


Breton, Roger H., Pfc.
323 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Me.


Brito, Manuel, Pfc., SSM
Box 974, Presidio, Texas


Brophy, James J., Pfc.
1339 Logan Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah
TAPS: May 1, 2004 in Ft. Meyers, FL.


Brown, Robert V., Pfc.
8 Caritom St., Battle, Creek, Mich.


Brown, Thomas R., Sgt.
Blountstown, Fla.
TAPS: 1954


Brundage, George M., Pfc.
210 S. 3rd St., Clinton, OkIa.


Buol John J. Pfc.
497 Lowell St., Dubuque, Iowa


Burke, John J. S/Sgt.
554 W. 42nd St., New York, N. Y.


Burke, John P , Pfc.
5585 Talbot St., Detroit, Mich.


5216 Palisade Ave., W. New York, N. J.
Taps: Date/Location: Unknown


Burnett. James E. S/Sgt., BSM
Route 1, Wilmar, Ark.


306 East Ella St., Kingsville, Texas


Callaway, Odra W., Pfc.
Route 1, Eudora, Ark.


Campbell, Edward L., Pfc.
Route 2, Scranton, Ark.


Campbell, Robert L., Pfc.
1635 Rickenbacker Rd., Baltimore, Md.


Carpenter, Francis R., Pfc.
Westport, N. Y.


Catania, Salvatore, Pfc.
4737 Matilda Ave., Bronx, N. Y.


Chambers, Wayne E. Pfc.
Route 2, Rockbridge, Ohio


Clark, Vincent W., Pvt.
1529 Aye,. J., Council Bluffs, Iowa


Cleckler, Ruben, Pvt.
Route 2, Clanton, Ala.


Clemens, Edward J., Pfc.
23 North Circle, Beacon Falls, Conn.


Clements, Percy L. Pfc.
Route 2, Waverly, Ky.


Comuso, Peter J., Cpl.
537 W. Butler St., Philadelphia, Pa.


ConnolIy, James, Jr. Pfc.
2713 Birney Ave., Ninooka, Pa.


Coolidge, Charles H., Jr., Pfc.
9 Vesper St., Worcester, Mass.


Coronado, John B., Sgt.
2824 California St., Denver, Colo.


Creole, La.
Taps: 23 February 1945 -- Roer River Crossing


Creek, Joe E., Sgt., PH
Gen. Del., Voss, Texas


Crow, Kenneth M. Pfc., BSM
423 Park St., Hutchinson, Kans.


Crumbley, David J. L., Pfc.
410 Lumpkin St., Hawkinsville, Ga.


Crump, Raymond G., Pfc., BSM
1822 S. Main St., Paris, Ky.


Currier, John M., T/4
24 Chestnut St., Tilton, N. H.


Curry, Harold L., Pfc.
2820 1/2 Marcum Terrace, Huntington, W. Va.


Cushman, Bernard V., Pfc.
Port Clyde, Me.


Cyrnek, John P., Pfc.
8326 Brandon Ave., Chicago, Ill.


D' Argenio, Rinaldo J., Pfc.
877 Prospect St., Glen Rock, N. J.
TAPS: 5 May 1995


Davis, Clifford J., Pfc.
30 Garfield Ave., Medford, Mass.


Davis, Clifton R., S/Sgt., PH
Route 3, Crockett, Texas


DeFriese, Charles K Pfc.
Route 4, Cleveland, Tenn.


D'Emilio, Domenic E., Pfc.
9 Concannon St., Providence, R. I.


Dempsey, William D., Pfc.
Route 3, Ponca City, Okla.


Despain, Anthony C., Pfc.
Route 2, Lake City, Ark.


DiCanio, Nicholas J., S/Sgt., SSM
160 Hops Ave., Passaic, N. J.


Dickinson, Kenneth L., Pfc.
6 Hudson St., Bath, N. Y.


DiGiovanni, Phillip J., Pfc.
505 W. 28th St., Chicago, Ill.


DiTullo, Michael S., Pfc.
682 Ferry St., Beacon, N. Y.


Doherty, Robert A., Pfc.
621 South Rodney, Helena Mont.


Dowd, Frank J., Jr., Pfc.
1301 Asbury Ave., Winnetka, Ill.
TAPS: 1998


7772 Montrose, Detroit, Mich.
Taps: Date/Location: Unknown


122 N. 8th St., Breckenridge, Minn.
Taps: 23 February 1945 -- Roer River Crossing


Dueland, Dale L., Pfc.
717 W. Williams, Ottumwa, Iowa


DuShane, William O., Pfc.
2321 Hoyt St., Indianapolis, Ind.


Ebbing, Edwin F., Pfc.
332 North 5th St., Hamilton, Ohio


Edwards, Maurice E., Pfc.
c/o Recorders Office, Lebanon, Mo.


Elliott, L. F., Jr., Pfc.
c/o Taylors Barber Shop, Durant, Okla.


Farrow, Hershel W. Pfc.
Route 1, Wayne, Okla.


Faure, William C., Pfc.
11420 Lothair Ave., Chicago, Ill.


43 Willis Ave., Medford, Mass.
Taps: Date/Location: Unknown


Fessenden, Robert L.,Jr., Pfc.
920 Poplar St., Port Huron, Mich.


Fisher Robert L., S/Sgt., BSM, PH
Iron River, Wise.


Fleckinger, Arthur L., Pfc.
2263 Vine, St., Cincinnati, Ohio


Flieger Benjamin K., Pfc., PH
1719 Holmden Ave., Cleveland, Ohio


Foley, Leonard E. Pfc.
16 Leonard Ave., Cambridge, Mass.


Fry, Robert E. S/Sgt., PH
Route 2, Greenburg, Ind.
TAPS: 27 November 1989


Fuller, Walter E., Jr. Pfc.
Route l. Bettendorf, Iowa


Gallaway, Weldon C., S/Sgt.
907 Elm St., Duncan, Okla.


Ganz, Benjamin M., S/Sgt.
222 Walnut. St., Lawrence, Mass.


Gardner, Edward L., Cpl., PH
1645 Father Ryan Ave., Biloxi, Miss.


Gardner, Harvey J., Sgt.
Lyndburst, N. J.


Garrett, Frederick S., Pfc.
Columbiana, Ala.


Garth, Brooks, Pfc.
2427 East. 14th St., Tulsa, Okla.


Gaul, Lawrence_A., Pfc.
Route 1, Adrian, Minn.


6311 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
Taps: 22 November 1944: Badly Wounded at Beeck, Gemany


Giorgetti, Francis N., Pfc.
57 Bellevue St., Willimantic, Conn.


Glas, William E., Pfc.
813 Stanford Ave., Springfield, Ill.


Santa Rosa, N. Mex.
Taps: 23 February 1945 -- Roer River Crossing


Gray, Eugene E., T/Sgt., PH, BSM
Collinston, La.


Greenburg, Eugene M., Pfc.
214 W. 69th St., New York, N . Y.
Taps: 17 October 2007 -- Carmel, NY


Griffey, Lee D., Pfc., PH
2145 S. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, Ill.


Hackett, Charles F., Pfc.
Wayside Dairy Farina, Orange, Conn.


Hall, Charles E., Jr., Pvt.
605 S. W. 15th St., Mineral Wells, Tex.


Hamilton, Durwood L., Pfc.
Route 2, LaRue, Tex.


Hancock. Harold H., S/Sgt.
380 Pawtucket St., Lowell, Mass.
TAPS: 28 November 2002


Hancock, Samuel K., Pfc., BSM
Sunnybrook, Ky.


Hansen, James L., Pfc., Sgt., 2d Lt., PH, BMC
211 East Washington St., Paris, Tex.
TAPS: 4 February 2006


Hardman, William G., Jr., Pvt.
160 W. 47th St., Indianapolis, Ind.


Hartz, William H. Pfc.
309 W. Main St., Hugo, Okla.


Harwell, James E., T/5
432 W. 9th St., Dallas, Texas


Heflin, Edward W., Sgt., PH*
Linden, Va.


Helser, William E., Pfc., PH
1169 W. High St., Lima, Ohio


Hembree, Walter E., S/Sgt., PH, BSM
Route 2, Utica, Miss.
TAPS: 1981


Hendler, Isadore, Pfc.
951 N. Oakley Blvd., Chicago, Ill.
TAPS: March 23, 1988


Herrick, Robert E., 1st. Lt., BSM, PH
RFD 2, Box 316, Lodi, Calif.


Herzig, Philip R., PH
24 No. Drive, Great Neck, N. Y.


Hetherington, John J., Pfc.
47 Galpin St., Naugatuck, Conn.
TAPS: Date Unknown


Hill, Harris S., Pfc.
Story City, Iowa


Hoagland, Philip C., Pfc.
256 Watch St., Elgin, Ill.


Hollenbaugh, George L., Pfc.
1621 Pierce Ave., Camden, N. J.


Hollander, Sidney A., Pfc., PH*
1575 Macombs Rd., Bronx, N. Y.


Hoover, Edward R., Pfc.
3012 Doris Ave., Detroit, Mich.


Hoover, Parke G., Pfc.
452 N. State St., Ephrata, Pa.


Hottin, Albert A., S/Sgt.
39 Genesse St., Springfield, Mass.


Huff, Karl E., Pfc.
536 S. Main St., South Bend, Ind.


Humphrey, Bruce C., Sgt.
16147 Turner, Detroit, Mich.


Hunt, Frank L., Pfc.
214 N. Port Crescent, Bad Axe, Mich.


Hunthausen, Anthony A., Pfc., PH
701 West Third St., Anaconda, Mont.


Hyman, Johnie, Pfc., BSM
Route, l. DeWitt, Ark.


Route 1, Caney, Kansas
Taps: 23 February 1945 -- Roer River Crossing


2113 Bunts Road, Lakewood, Ohio
Taps: 30 November 1944 -- Near Welz, Germany


Jankowiak, Raymond J., Sgt.
8255 Grinnell, Detroit, Mich.


Jenness, Tethro R., Pvt.
Route 4, Waterboro, S. C.


Jennings, Marion H., Pfc.
385 S. 9th St., Coahooton, Ohio


Jones DeWitt, Pfc.
Route l, Flat Rock, N. C.


Juster, Cyrus, Pfc.
64 Anstice St., Oyster Bay, N. Y.


Karkas, Wayne E. Pfc.
Route 1, Box 75, Hibbing, Minn.


Karnes, Charles S. T/5 PH
Box 175, Senath, Mo.
TAPS: 1965


Katz, Bennett C., Pfc.
1840 S. Spaulding Ave., Chicago, Ill.


Katz,Wallace J., Pfc.
Saylorsberg, Pennsylvania


23 Cohasset St., Roslindale, Mass.
Taps: 28 February 1945 -- Near Kothausen, Germany


Kincheloe Charles L., Pfc., PH
Route 1, Lincoln, Ark.


Kusek, Andrew F., S/Sgt.
Box 1152 S.W. 10th St., Oklahoma City, Okla.
TAPS: 14 March 1998


Lake, Thomas E., T/Sgt., BSM
2102 Biddle Ave., Wyandotte, Mich.
TAPS: 1986


Landgraf, Raymond V., Pfc.
Route 2, Panama City, Fla.


Large, Thurman, T/5, SSM
Maloneton, Ky.


449 Cobbs Creek Pkwy., Philadelphia, Pa.
Taps: Thanksgiving Day 1944 -- Beeck, Germany


Law, Floyd H., Pfc.
Route 3, Rocky Mount, Va.


Leatherman, Arthur R., Pfc.
Pipersville, Pa.


Lemon, Charlie G., Pfc.
Route 1, Sanford, N. C.


Lind, William J., Pfc.
720 N. Monroe St., Spokane, Wash.


Linderman, James W., Pfc.
2810 Boyd St., McKeesport, Pa.


Lindsay, Joseph D., III. Pfc.
511 North 5th St., Chickasha, Okla.


Linnabary, Dewey A., Pfc.
1535 Woodley Ave., Terre Haute, Ind.
Taps: Terre Haute, IN 19 June 199-


Lira, Robert M., 1st Sgt., BSM
119 Montezuma St., San Antonio, Texas


Litchfield, Ralph J., Pfc.
Route 2, Box 402-B, Norfolk, Va.


Lundy, Elmer H., Pfc.
217 1/2 So. Main St., Galax, Va.


Lutz, Leon R., Pfc.
50 Sanders St., Battlecreek, Mich.


Malott, Roy D., Pfc.
Amboy, Ind.


Manko, Michael, Jr., Pfc.
Box 206, Main St., Marblehead, Ohio


Marino, Eugene J., Cpl.
343 E. 154th St., Bronx, N. Y.


Marley, Larry, PFC
North Aurora, IL
TAPS: April 13, 2001


Marrello, Ralph A., Pfc., BS
288 High St., Naugatuck, Conn.


Mastrodomenico, Thomas J., Pfc.
3450 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


May, Joseph J., Pfc.
Red Lake, Minn.


McLeod, Elwood G., Pvt.
Woodland, Mich.
TAPS: October 1998


McKernan, John J., Sgt.
1316 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Pa.
TAPS: 19 February 1995


McManamy, James L., Sgt.
Route 1, Fallentimber, Pa.


McMillan, Glenn A., Pvt.
Bessemer City, N. C.
TAPS: 1957


McMillen, John B., Pvt,
Route 1, Enid, Okla.
TAPS: 28 February 1995


McNeely, Grenade J., Pfc.
805 S. Governor St., Evansville, Ind.


McNeil, James H., Pfc.
346 Greylock Parkway, Belleville, N. J.


132 Japonica St., Pawtucket, R. I.
Taps: 16 November 1944 -- Puffendorf, Germany


133 Deer Hill Ave., Danbury, Conn.
Taps: November 1944 -- 1st Combat Commitment


Route 1, Mifflinburg, Pa.
Taps: 11 November 1944 -- Unstated


Miller, Donald A., Pfc.
34 Henrietta St., Baltimore, Md.


Milum, Ertis G., Pfc.
Route 1, Boyle, Miss.


Mitchell, George A.. Pfc.
184 Rockaway Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y.


Box 635 Holbrook, Ariz.
Taps: 22 November 1944 -- Beeck, Germany


Montova, Joseph L., Pfc.
430 Custer St., Los Angeles, Calif.


Moran, Reedus J. , T/4
Route 3, Box 114, Picayune, Miss.
TAPS: Date Unknown


Morris, Louis J., Pfc.
805 Almonaster Ave., New Orleans, La.


Morgan, LeRoy M., Pfc.
Route 1, Alden, Minn.


Mouton, James, Pfc.
Route 1, Box 150, St. Martinville, La.


Moya, Jesus, Pfc.
Box 4, Peralta, N, M.


Mucci, Joseph P., S/Sgt., BSM
Route 3, E. Canton Rd., Canton, Ohio


Mulford, Charles T. Pfc.
3534-B 61st Place, Huntington Park, Calif.


914 Sheridan St., Corona, Calif.
Taps:28 February 1945 -- Near Kothausen,Germany


Murdoch, Leroy C., Pfc.
3609 E. 46th St., Cleveland, Ohio


Murphy, Willie L., Pfc., BSM
Route 2, Buechel, Ky.


Naranio, Pedro E., Pfc.
Santa Cruz, N. M.


3101 Euclid Ave., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Taps: 23 November 1944 -- Beeck, Germany


Nider, Ray L., Pfc.
Blue Rapids, Kans.


Nieuwendorp, Harold L., Sgt.
8th & Pine, Lynden, Wash.


2816 5th St., N.E., Washington, D. C.
Taps: 23 February 1945 -- Roer River Crossing


Orloski, George G., Pfc., BSM
706 Donnelly St., Duryea, Pa.


Ostman, John S., T/Sgt.
Route 1, Box 15, Two Harbors, Minn.


Otis, Wales A., S/Sgt., PH
16 W. Boulevard, Columbia, Mo.


Overman, Shellie, Jr., Pfc., PH
Route 1, Franklinville, N. C.


Parada, Moises, Pvt.
Sanderson, Texas


Parise (Prise), Raymond E., S/Sgt.
1053 Bedford St., Fall River, Mass.
TAPS: 1986


Patrick, William R., Pfc.
Wyatte, Miss.


Paul, Sam L., Pfc.
Route 1, Lumberton, N. C.


Payne, Joseph K., Sgt.
Route 1, Whiteland, Ind.


300 Rosita Place, San Antonio, Texas
Taps: Date/Location Not Known


Pero, Stanley J., Pfc.
Iron River, Wisc.


Perrilloux Harold H., Pfc.
Route 1, Box 116, Ponchatoula, La.


Petersen, George P., Pfc.
Route 1, Highland Falls, N. Y.


Phillips, Harold, Pfc.
2225 Blaine, Detroit, Mich.


Phillips, William H., Pfc., PH
Route 2, Willis, Va.


Piccohi Vincent L., Pfc.
2059 S. 68th St., West Allis, Wisc.


Pischke, Lawrence A., Sgt.
2153 N. Keeler Ave., Chicago, Ill.


Platts, Chauncy W., Jr., Pvt.
Paul, Idaho


Pollock, Elton D., Pvt,
Austin, Texas
TAPS: Unknown


Porter, Vernie H., Pvt,
Box 52, Bagota, Texas
TAPS: 21 February 1985


Power, Walter B., Cpl.
19188 Packard Ave., Detroit, Mich.


Privett, Raymond J., Pfc.
Route 1, Waxhaw, N. C.


Puck, James H., Pfc.
c/o Paul Brand, Route 1, Rushford, Minn.


Puckett, Kermit T., Pfc.
Star Route, Rural Hall, N. C.


Rackie, Frank A., S/Sgt., BSM
94 Highland Ave., Mc Kees Rocks, Pa.


Reardon, Donald, T/Sgt., PH, BSM
7 Atlantic St., Winthrop, Mass.


Reda, Carlo, Pvt.
61 Coney Road, Little Falls, N. J.


Reinbart, Charles F., Pfc.
526 7th St., Rockford, Ill.


Reitan, Clarence M., Pfc.
3405 Vernon St., Duluth, Minn.


Relliban, Edward H., Pfc.
3808 Brooklyn Ave., Baltimore, Md.


Reynell, Robert L., Pfc.
31 Newman Ave., Mechanicville, N. Y.


1333 Poplar Ave., Abilene, Texas
Taps: 23 February 1945 -- Roer River Crossing


Rickeard, Gordon R., Pfc.
Saxton, Pa.


Riviera, Herbert, Pvt.
24 Attorney St., New York 2, N. Y.


Rivers, William T., T/4, PH
135 Church St., Cheraw, S. Carolina


Roberts, Lee J., Pfc.
Route 1, Ashton, Idaho


Robeson, James, Pfc.
Route 1, Attalla, Ala.


Robison, Densil R., Jr., Pfc.
Box 255, Barrackville, W. Va.


Rockers, Francis J., Pfc.
Route 1, Garnett, Kans.


Rogers, John K., Pfc.
801 N. Sylvania, Ft. Worth, Texas


Rolfe,, Don E., Pfc.
Sonnett, Mont.


Rollins, Homer E., Pfc.
Route 1, Gloucester, Ohio


Rosenbaum, Harry, Pfc., PH
811 Charlotte, St., Norfolk, Va.


Ross, Ernest C., Pfc.
Route 2, Crooksville, Ohio
TAPS: 1975


Ruggieri, Alex, Pfc.
159 Delancey St., New York, N. Y.


2221 W. Indiana Ave., Evansville, Ind.
Taps: Date/Location -- Unknown


Runk, John W., Jr., Pfc.
514 A. Middle Ave., Wilmerding, Pa.


Ryan, William J., Pfc.
2718 W. Fairmount Ave., Baltimore, Md.


Sallet, Maynard N., Sgt., PH
18 Fifth St., Attleboro, Mass.


Sapola, John Jr., Pfc.
8117 Holton, Cleveland, Ohio


Schaefer, Harold G., Pfc.
2425 18th St., S.W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Schlain, Sidney, Pfc. BSM
20 Sterling St., Hartford, Conn.


Schlief, Kenneth D., Sgt.
24388 Outer, Drive, Melvindale, Mich.


Schueller, Robert A., Cpl.
Fowler, Mich.
TAPS: 28 November 1997


Schultz, Robert G., Pfc.
Route 2, Hart, Mich.
TAPS: 1973


Schultz Russell J., Pfc.
Route 2, Hart, Mich.
TAPS: 1951


Scott, Elmer L., Pfc.
Gen. Del., Harleton, Texas


Servos, Harry J., Pfc.
765 Jefferson Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.


Shea, Joseph J., Pfc.
110 Southern Blvd., Albany, N. Y.


Shefts, Joseph S., Pfc.
13250 Baltimore Ave., Chicago, Ill.


Sheridan, Daniel J., Pfc.
2 Arden St., New York, N. Y.


Shipley, Buford L. Pfc.
1036 Forest Ave., Hamilton, Ohio


Shipley George G., Pfc.
Route 3, Jonesboro, Tenn.


Short Lyle L., Pfc.
454 South 25th, Lincoln, Nebr.
TAPS: April 20, 1995


Sibold, Carl J., Pfc.
1024 E. North St., Lima, Ohio
TAPS: 25 March 2000


1925 Arizona St., El Paso, Tex.
Taps: 10 December 1944 -- Unknown


Skene, John M., Pfc., SSM
4148 Munitions Bldg., Washington, D. C.


Fishtrap, Ky.
Taps: 23 February 1945 -- Roer River Crossing


Smeeton, Herbert L., Pfc.
Woods Rd., Great Notch, N. J.


Smith Carson, S/Sgt., PH
3417 McCausland St., St. Louis, Mo.


Smith, Dewey E., Pfc.
Route 1, Mocksville, N. C.


Smith, Ernest S , Pfc.
249 Mary St., Glencoe, Ill.


Smith, James E., Pfc.
Box 586, Toccoa, Ga.


Smith, James J., Pfc.
36 Fenway S., Apt. B.,
Riverdale Apts. Baltimore, Md.


Sonntag, Joseph J., Pfc.
100 Montrose, Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Souder, Edward L., Pfc.
3249 Dupont Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn.


Speckman, Rahe W., Pfc.
Cobb's Hill, Aurora, Ind.


Spiteri, Charles Pfc.
1786 Newcomb St., San Francisco, Calif.


Stafford, Harold B., Cpl.
Route 2, Kokomo, Ind.


Stamulis, Nicholas G., Pfc.
1409 Louisville, St. Louis, Mo.


Steele, Robert L., Pfc.
Route 1, Cleveland, Va.


Stenson, Joel E., Pfc.
Box 316, Daisytown, Pa.


Stephens, Clifford D., Pfc.
Morenci, Ariz.


153 18th St., Wheeling, W. Va.
Taps: 23 February 1945 -- Roer River Crossing


Stepanovsky, John, Pfc.
3054 Godwin Terrace, New York, N. Y.


Stofko, Edward J., Pfc.
35 Cliff St., Yonkers, N. Y.


Stone, Eugene, Pfc., PH
3501 Cord St., Charlotte, N. C.


Strecker, Jacob, Jr., Sgt.
Route 1, Freeland, Mich.


Swartzlander, William T., Pfc.
1109 Rear 2nd Ave., New Kensington, Pa.


Swirka, Alfonse V., S/Sgt
44 Norton St., Lynn, Mass.


Tavarez, Jesus A., Pfc.
Shafter, Texas


Tedford, Billy L., T/Sgt., PH
Route 8, Wichita, Kan.


Tettelbach, Richard R., Pfc.
868 Ardmore Ave., Akron, Ohio


Thims, Stanley E., S/Sgt. BSM
571 Cumberland Ave., Portland, Me.


Thompson, Walter L., Pfc.
Parrish, Ala.


Thiel, Earl S., Pvt.
Webster, S. Dakota


Tideback, William, Jr., Pfc., PH
Des Moines, Iowa
TAPS: July 2001


Timion, Floyd, Pvt.
213 1/2 E. Bremer Ave., Waverly, Iowa


Toomey, John T., Pfc., PH
241 Hawthorne St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


Traegler, Herman J., Pfc.
9049 208th St., Queens Village, N. Y.


Vandergrift, James L., Pvt.
Route 2, Covington, Tenn.


Veit, William F., Pfc.
3170 Lake Ave., Rochester, N. Y.


Verbickas, John M. Pfc.
208 Whiting St., New Britain, Conn.


20 Joseph St., Norton Heights, Conn.
Taps: 28 February 1945 -- Near Kothausen, Germany


Volk Robert D., Sgt., PH
109 Pennsylvania Ave., Delaware


Walker, Kenneth R., T/5
Miltonvale, Kans.
TAPS: Date Unknown


Walsh, Daniel, Pfc.
46-08 30th Ave., Astoria, N. Y.


Wayman Thomas D , Pfc., PH
Lac Du Flambeau, Wis.


Wechter, Robert F., Pfc.
Lake Alfred, Fla.


Weissbard, William, Sgt., PH
2063 74th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
TAPS: November 1978


West, Ben A., Pfc.
Route 3, Rupert, Idaho


White, Henry G., Pfc.
Route 1, Lilburn Ga.


White James H., Sgt.
1024 N. Main St., Henderson, Ky.


White, Thomas F., Pfc.
150-29 12th Road, Whitestone, N. Y.


White, John C., Jr., Pfc.
Route 2, Bladenboro, N. C.


120 Pokegama Ave. So., Grand Rapids, Minn.
Taps: 25 November 1994 -- Beeck, Germany


Wilemon, William F., Pfc.
Route 2, Fulton, Miss.


Whilhite, John J., Pfc.
Gen. Del., Dub in, Tex.


Wilkie, Howard T., Pfc.
418 Conkey St., Hammond, Ind.
TAPS: 20 February 1990


Wingate, Harry W., Pvt.
12771 Georgians St., E. Detroit, Mich.


Wojciechowski, Edward C., Sgt.
1213 Cooksie St., Baltimore, Md.


5310 University Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Taps: 24 February 1945 -- Germany


Wright, William H., Jr., Pfc.
3720 4th Ave., Sioux City, Iowa


Wuichet, Stanley E., Pfc.
1417 S. 124th St., Seattle, Wash.


Box 484, Bamboa, Canal Zone
Taps: 16 November 1944 -- Near Breyan Woods


Ybarra, Joe R., T/4
1217 W. Niagarra St., Tucson, Arz.


Zimetbaum, Morton S., S/Sgt., BSM
30 Rutgers St., Irvington, N. J.
TAPS: 1960


Zupan, Paul S., Pfc.
1317 20th St., North Chicago, Ill.


Zychowicx, Peter F., Pfc.
4756 Plumer, Detroit, Mich.


With the 102d Division Through Germany
Edited by Maj. Allan H. Mick


You can now read stories by men who served in this company. To date we have 27 stories by men from Co. F.

Stories of the Men of Co. F., 405th Regiment


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Information and photographs were generously provided to World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words by Mr. Edward L. Souder of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The subjects of these essays are all members of Co. F., 405th Regiment.Our sincerest THANKS for allowing us to share their stories!

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